Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis Services

  • Statistical analysis of historical data
  • Development of Monte Carlo simulation models incorporating the full operational sequence of events involved in the operation
  • Assessing the risk of failure of specific operations
  • Reliability studies of specific aspects of operations
  • Identifying critical aspects of operations using sensitivity analysis.
  • Relating the risk of failure to exposure time (duration) of a marine operation.
  • Development of Monte Carlo simulation models to evaluate the feasibility of business ventures by testing the economic viability, market responses and ultimately financial risk of the business venture.

Featured Projects

  • Specialist stability studies to assess the risk of quay wall overturning during construction.
  • Iron ore export facility at Beira, Mozambique.
  • Transshipment studies.
  • Dredging study for the access channel, Port of Beira, Mozambique.
  • Risk assessment, LPG import facilities.
  • Bulk export facilities, including manganese, iron ore and coal.