Research & Development

Research & Development Services

  • Specialised Monte Carlo simulation based software to evaluate risk associated with offshore operations.
  • Custom designed towage analyses.
  • Workability analysis for various vessel types and ocean environments.
  • Model testing of innovative shore protection methods.
  • Customised software and analysis for forensic investigations.
  • Finite element and boundary integral analysis of a wide range of hydrodynamic problems, including fluid/structure interaction and ship motions response.

Development & Improvement of Software Technology

  • Random wave analysis software using Fast Fourier Transform techniques.
  • Wave/current interaction software.
  • Software for design of offshore piles in calcareous sediments.
  • 3-dimensional hydrodynamic software for the analysis of response of coastal and ocean structures to random waves and the calculation of wave heights, energy and associated pressures resulting from radiation, diffraction and refraction of incident seas in deep and shallow water.
  • 3-dimensional groundwater analysis software including particle tracking module.
  • Commercial pipe network analysis software.
  • Monte Carlo based risk analysis software.
  • 3-dimensional hydrostatics software for vessel stability prognosis.
  • 3-dimensional mooring and towing analysis software.
  • Analytical model for evaluating the impact of wave-current interaction on wave shape and direction.