Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering Services

  • Casualty and failure investigations.
  • Fatigue analysis.
  • 3-D modelling for visualisation purposes of complex structures.
  • Wind and wave analysis, comparison and modelling.
  • Vibration and resonance analysis
  • Numerical modelling and reconstruction.
  • Dynamic, non-linear and 3-dimensional structural / mechanical analysis.
  • Expert witness services.

Featured Projects

  • MV Monie Marine: Expert report and trial preparation in the sinking of the MV Monie Marine
  • Banglar Mookh: Analysis of the effect of wind, sea and current conditions on collision of Banglar Mookh whilst under pilotage. 
  • MFV Advance: Analysis of bollard failure, expert report and trial expert witness.
  • MV Mieke: Forensic engineering, legal support and expert witness in the trial related to the sinking of MV Mieke.
  • MV Iwanuma Maru: Recommendations on the nature and methodology of tests to be carried on the MV Iwanuma Maru following damage incurred to shore equipment. 
  • MV Setsuyo Star: Processing of calibrated model wave data and analysis following damage incurred to MV Setsuyo Star during the passage of the vessel from Brazil to South Africa.
  • MV Alexandros T: Analysis of seastate data to assist in the investigation into possible causes of the sinking of luxury sailing yacht, MV Alexandros T.
  • MV Shark Team: Expert report and witness in the capsize of the shark viewing vessel.
  • MV Smart: Expert report and witness in grounding of bulk vessel.