Services include:

  • Hydraulic design.
  • Structural design.
  • On-bottom stability.
  • Installation methodology and analysis.
  • Laydown procedures.
Pipeline hydraulic design considerations:
  • Selection of sections for optimum hydraulic performance.
  • Required pressure versus pipeline capacity.
  • Normal operating pressure and procedure specifications.
  • Emergency/shut down procedures and associated maximum pressure surges.
  • Pump specifications.
  • Effect of internal pipeline degradation on delivery capacity.
  • Pump station design.
  • Diffuser design for optimum dilution for marine outfall.
Pipeline design criteria:
  • Hydraulic design.
  • Upheaval buckling.
  • On-bottom stability.
  • Expansion.
  • Freespan criteria.
  • Cathodic protection.
  • Weight and corrosion coatings.
  • Dropped object & trawling protection.
  • Pipeline route.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Installation analysis.
Recent projects:

Oribi-Oryx Field - decommissioning of Orca, riser laydown analysis and design for laydown of 7 risers/flowlines/umbilicals on seabed in 118m of water, and design of pullheads.

ZAA uses proprietary submerged pipeline software, used effectively to provide value solutions to clients.

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