Services include:
  • Bridges and buildings.
  • Gantries, derricks and cranes.
  • Modular steel structures.
  • Timber structures.
  • Jetties, quays and harbours.
  • Ship structures.
  • Offshore structures and vessels.
  • Piles.

3D modelling in structural design

Bridge design

Recent projects:
  • Structural design for the extension to the quay for Berths 601 602, 603 and 604 - Cape Town Container Terminal.
  • Structural design for modifications to pipelay vessel - MV Lida.
  • Structural design of the harbour - Port Nsanje, Malawi.
  • Repair methods for structures used for mining activity in harsh climate zone.
  • Structural design of 8m high crane for specialist application associated with the repair of a hydro-canal in an earthquake zone.
  • Structural design and analysis of seafastenings for various offshore structures and vessels.
  • Review of docking block design & docking configuration for docking of Pride Angola & Pride Africa.
  • Structural design for rehabilitation of hydro-canal (7km) - Indonesia.
  • Construction support for composite bridge in Indonesia: 200m long, 12m high bridge in seismic active area. Earlier phases of the project included project management and design.

Crane design

Structural design Cape Town Container Terminal expansion

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