Methods used to assess risk involved in an operation:
  • Statistical analysis of historical data.
  • Development of Monte Carlo simulation models incorporating the full operational sequence of events involved in the operation.
  • Assessing the risk of failure of specific operations.
  • Reliability studies of specific aspects of operations.
  • Identifying critical aspects of operations using sensitivity analysis.
  • Relating the risk of failure to exposure time (duration) of a marine operation.
  • Development of Monte Carlo simulation models to evaluate the feasibility of business ventures by testing the economic viability, market responses and ultimately financial risk of the business venture.
Risk Analysis Tools:

ZAA uses commercially available, and its own in-house developed, software and tools, adapted and applied to solve specific problems.

Using its own in-house software development center of excellence, "greenfields" models can be developed to solve specific problems. These models are built with various software, including Visual C++, Java and Visual Basic.

Modern numerical techniques including, Monte Carlo methods, are used for a variety of tasks:
  • Cost benefit analysis.
  • Safe working procedures.
  • Forensic investigations.
  • Project investment evaluation.
  • Forecasting and hind casting.
  • Tender adjudication.
  • Engineering economic models.
  • Risk facilitation and analysis.
  • Schedule risk assessment.
  • Structural risk analysis.
  • Performance analysis.
Monte Carlo methods are ideal to model any "real" life situation where a number of uncertainties exist. These models are custom built around the client's needs to produce a range of results or future scenarios based on a set of given input parameters.

Recent projects:
  • Specialist stability studies to assess the risk of quay wall overturning during construction.
  • Iron ore export facility at Beira, Mozambique.
  • Transshipment studies.
  • Dredging study for the access channel, Port of Beira, Mozambique.
  • Risk assessment, LPG import facilities.
  • Bulk export facilities, including manganese, iron ore and coal.

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